Sports performance

Support performance and recovery with natural, science-driven immune-nutrition solutions.


Prolonged physical activity and high-intensity sports can provoke mild to chronic inflammation that can affect an individual’s performance and recovery.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, like NSAIDs, are commonly used to moderate pain, improve healing time and alleviate swelling associated with injury. However, while they are effective at reducing inflammation in the short run, they also block the natural inflammatory response, leading to immune suppression and other side effects.

Emerging scientific research shows that natural origin lipid mediators, like ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’ (SPMs), may support tissue repair and regeneration following sport activity by helping to resolve inflammation without compromising the immune response; aiding overall performance and also reducing recovery time following injury.

Inflammation is present in most sports injuries
Excessive inflammation can affect sports performance and recovery
Traditional anti-inflammatories may impair inflammation resolution after exercise
SPMs resolve inflammation without compromising the immune response