Our unique, IP-protected SPMed™ ingredient is concentrated in ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’, or SPMs, with standardized levels of 17-HDHA.

Derived from EPA and DHA omega-3s, SPMed™ supports the immune system towards resolution of inflammation. Together with our exclusive capabilities in SPM measurement, we help our partners create effective, science-proven immune-nutrition solutions that target specific inflammatory health conditions and support healthier lives.

SPMed™ is sold in bulk (oil drums).

The ingredient is also available as a softgel dosage form or as a finished packaged product.


Unique ingredient concentrated in standardized levels of SPMs

Targets inflammation, naturally

SPMed™ is a convenient and natural nutritional alternative to pharmaceutical intervention

Scientifically proven

A non-toxic, data-based SPM solution demonstrated to be safe and effective

GRAS classified

SPMed™ is Generally Recognized as Safe


Resolves inflammation without compromising host defenses or suppressing the immune response