Resolution of inflammation

Target inflammation with our natural, science-driven immune-nutrition solutions and enable healthier lives globally.


Inflammation is a normal and protective response of the body’s immune system, triggered by infection, disease, injury or tissue damage. It is an active and self-limited process, leading to complete resolution and returning the body to its normal healthy condition. In some cases though, inflammation can become out of control and continue, which is common in many inflammatory health conditions. When this happens, inflammation can be linked to increased disease risk and progression, pain and lower quality of life.

Greater scientific understanding of the inflammatory response – including the molecules and pathways involved – highlights the essential role of lipid mediators, like ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’ (SPMs), in helping to resolve inflammation and infection. Derived from omega-3s, SPMs are the active metabolites from EPA and DHA biosynthesized endogenously and are involved in the body’s normal physiological pathways of inflammation; restoring the tissue environment to its normal condition after immune activation and positively influencing infection, pain and tissue and organ protection.

SPM deficiency is common in many inflammatory health conditions. Therefore, immune-nutrition products featuring lipid mediators, like SPMs, offer a convenient and safe solution for natural inflammation resolution.


We’re specialists in natural inflammation resolution.

Our expertise in inflammation resolution science, unique SPM measurement capabilities and naturally derived solutions help to take immune-nutrition innovation further. We work with customers to develop and deliver specialized dietary supplements and medical foods that support an individual’s natural ability to resolve their inflammatory processes.

Specialists in science driven immune-nutrition
Market leaders in inflammation resolution innovation
Unrivalled expertise in resolution science
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SPM products with characterized enhanced bioactivity
Capabilities to measure SPM bioactivity and SPM concentration
  1. Reduction of pro-inflammatory mediators, while promoting activation of pro-resolutive mediators
  2. Modulate the immune system by supporting the resolutive phenotype of leucocytes (immune cells), leading to the clearance and elimination of pro-inflammatory cells
  3. Promote tissue repair and regeneration

Through this action, SPMs enable healing and a return to homeostasis.