Chronic health conditions

Create natural, science-driven immune-nutrition solutions targeted towards specific inflammatory health conditions.


Uncontrolled inflammation plays a significant role in 75% of chronic health conditions, including, but not limited to, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, infection, and several neurodegenerative diseases. Unresolved inflammation significantly impacts the health and wellness of individuals globally and slows their recovery.

‘Specialized pro-resolving mediator’ (SPM) deficiency is common to all inflammatory health conditions. Our unique, IP protected SPM solutions are scientifically proven to target and help resolve the uncontrolled inflammation observed in specific health areas. Combined with our extensive expertise in SPM science and exclusive analytical capabilities, we work with dietary supplement and medical food manufacturers to create targeted immune-nutrition solutions that address the increasing challenge of inflammatory health conditions.

75% of chronic diseases involve uncontrolled inflammation
Chronic pain affects an estimated 100 million people in the US
SPMs are clinically proven to improve quality of life in just four weeks
SPMs increase peripheral blood SPM concentrations and upregulate the immune response