Our exclusive and premium branded ingredient, LipiVet™, is concentrated in high-quality bioactive and standardized ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’, or SPMs, created to resolve inflammation and support animal health.

Derived from EPA and DHA omega-3s, LipiVet™ facilitates inflammation resolution without suppressing the normal immune response, enabling the development of natural and safe animal health immune-nutrition solutions targeted towards inflammation and pain.

LipiVet™ is sold as a softgel dosage form.

The ingredient is also available in bulk (oil drums) or as a finished packaged product.

Unique and IP-protected

The only available ingredient for animal care concentrated in SPMs with characterized bioactivity

Exclusive SPM content

LipiVet™ contains standardized levels of 18-HEPE, 17-HDHA and 14-HDHA in triglyceride form

Targets inflammation, naturally

LipiVet™ is a convenient and natural animal health solution

Science-based solution

A safe and effective SPM solution

GRAS classified

LipiVet™ is Generally Recognized as Safe


Common disorders in companion animals, like arthrosis, dermatological conditions, periodontitis or syndromes related to eye health, involve unresolved inflammation and impact the quality of life of our pets. Delivering SPMs directly to the animal, LipiVet™ supports their natural capacity to resolve inflammation and helps to reduce the negative effects of uncontrolled inflammation, including pain.