Skin health

Innovate in the skin health field with natural, science-driven immune-nutrition solutions.


Several factors can cause an uncontrolled inflammatory response in the skin, including aging, certain skin conditions, such as skin sensitivity, psoriasis or dermatitis, and environmental elements, like sunburn or oxidative stress.

Natural origin lipid mediators, like ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’ (SPMs), offer a safe and effective solution that can help to address the excessive cutaneous inflammation related to skin disorders and natural skin aging. Indeed, a balance in lipid mediators has been proven to be necessary for sustaining inflammation, tissue repair and skin integrity by helping to naturally resolve inflammation and restore the skin to a more neutral state, or homeostasis.

Our unique, IP-protected SPMs are proven to target and help resolve uncontrolled cutaneous inflammation through the delivery of high-quality, bioactive SPMs.

Aging is associated with heightened proinflammatory status as resolution capacity declines with age
Skin conditions are associated with increased inflammation
Environmental factors, such as sunburn or oxidative stress, can cause a proinflammatory status
Lifestyle behaviors can lead to the development of skin inflammation