LIPINOVA® is a unique, IP-protected ingredient concentrated in ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’, or SPMs, to support the body’s natural capacity to resolve inflammation.

Derived from EPA and DHA omega-3s, LIPINOVA® enables natural and safe immune-nutrition solutions targeted towards specific inflammatory health conditions and pain. Together with our exclusive capabilities in SPM measurement, we help our partners create effective, science-proven dietary supplements and medical foods that support healthier lives.

LIPINOVA® is sold in bulk (oil drums), softgels or as a finished product.

The ingredient is also available in a patented nano-emulsion solution of 1.5g LIPINOVA® in a 15ml single dose. The only SPM solution on the market in this format, LIPINOVA® emulsion is convenient and easy to consume, ideal for those who require higher doses or who suffer from swallowing problems. The 15ml solution is carried in a single sachet that can be taken alone or mixed with water-based beverages, and is available in three flavors: orange, lemon-lime and strawberry.

Unique and IP-protected

The only available ingredient concentrated in SPMs with characterized bioactivity, specifically designed to have pro-resolving activity

Targets inflammation, naturally

LIPINOVA® is a convenient and natural nutritional alternative to pharmaceutical intervention

Scientifically proven

A non-toxic, data-based SPM solution demonstrated to be safe and effective

GRAS classified

LIPINOVA® is Generally Recognized as Safe


Resolves inflammation without compromising host defenses or suppressing the immune response

Tailored resolution solutions

Our unique HDAS measurement capabilities provide our clients with the opportunity to generate new resolution evidence tailored to their needs and specific health conditions.


SPM deficiency is a common issue in all chronic health conditions with an inflammatory factor, including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes and a number of neurodegenerative conditions. LIPINOVA® provides a bioactive fraction of standardized levels of SPMs, including 18-HEPE, 17-HDHA and 14-HDHA in triglyceride (TG) form, that activate the metabolic route of SPM biosynthesis and restore depleted levels of SPMs.

Through this mechanism of action, LIPINOVA® facilitates inflammation resolution in chronic health conditions without suppressing an individual’s normal immune response, helping to reduce inflammatory pain and infection, enhance tissue regeneration and support wound healing.