We’re the leading supplier of IP-protected bioactive lipid formulations and ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’ (SPMs) for nutritional, medical nutrition and skin health industries.


Trust Azur Global Nutrition as your chosen partner for innovation in the specialized immune-nutrition market.

We are a Solutex company. Founded in 2004, Solutex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly concentrated premium omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids and an expert in nutritional lipid science and technology, focused on biolipid research and innovation for the development of next-generation omega-3 formulas. With a global presence in more than 30 countries spanning four continents, Solutex is a pioneer in the market, developing and commercializing the first IP-protected SPM formulation on the market in 2010 – LIPINOVA®.

As a Solutex company, we bring the unique, science-based products, longstanding market expertise, technical capabilities and unrivalled support you need to succeed, making us your partner of choice for immune-nutrition innovation.


We are the only company in the world with the expertise, know-how and capabilities to measure SPMs. What’s more, we guarantee that our SPM-rich products are bioactive and effective.

With operations running 24/7, our facilities include a specialized in-house BSL-2 Fisiorex Resolution Laboratory which contains the equipment necessary to measure SPM levels of activity and observe inflammatory parameters in biological samples. This allows us to better understand and manage resolution of inflammation and inspire the creation of unique immune-nutrition solutions targeted towards specific inflammatory-based diseases.

Only company globally able to measure SPMs
Operations running 24/7
Specialized in-house BSL-2 Fisiorex Resolution Laboratory
SPM-rich products guaranteed to be bioactive and effective

All our products are tested and proven to have enhanced bioactivity.

We test our SPM-rich oils in immune cell cultures and measure their bioactivity through an efferocytosis assay. This precise method reflects one of the physiological mechanisms of resolution and determines the resolving capacity of SPMs contained in the experimental fraction.


Our Analysis, Tracking & Segmentation Tool for Inflammatory-Based Diseases, known as HDAS, is the only tool outside of academia to track the evolution and severity of inflammatory-based diseases based on SPM profiles. The unique analytical platform includes the necessary equipment to measure biomarkers of the immune response and its evolution to identify the resolutive or immunosuppressed status of an individual, as well as the severity and progression of disease.

A selective isolation of compounds present in biological fluids, like serum or plasma, is carried out using Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) techniques. The content of the compounds is then characterized and quantified using liquid chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole mass detectors. Results on the different inflammatory and resolutive lipid parameters allows for the creation of a distinct “Lipid Data Bank”.

The Lipid Data Bank is part of our HDAS tool; together they facilitate our partners in developing clinical trials and pre-clinical studies that will help them generate exclusive data on specific health conditions, enabling competitive advantage in the immune-nutrition market.

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We base our business model on circular economy principles. Our commitment to environmental protection drives our manufacturing operations and sustainable management of our natural resources. These standards are reflected in our environmentally friendly processes, Energy Saving Practices, Zero Waste policy and use of green chemistry.

Our products, fish or algae sourced, are processed through Solutex patented green chemistry technologies. This allows us to concentrate and extract specific biolipids while maintaining sustainability within operations.

In line with our responsibility towards the environment, we develop our activity in line with the SMART WORLD, SMART LIFE and SMART ECONOMY sustainable development goals set by the UN for 2015-2030, as well as the SGE21 rule of the chemical industry.


Our contribution to sustainable development and global solutions


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