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SPECIALIZED Immune-nutrition solutions
PIONEERS IN SPM ‘Specialized pro-resolving mediator’ science and technology

We’re specialists in the development and delivery of naturally sourced, science-backed immune-nutrition solutions to help address the increasing challenge of inflammatory health conditions.

With a unique portfolio of data-based bioactive lipid formulations and IP-protected ‘specialized pro-resolving mediators’ (SPMs), we combine our market-leading expertise in the field of inflammation with proven science to support healthier lives. And, as the only company able to accurately measure SPMs, we guarantee the highest quality and most effective concentrations for use across the dietary supplements and medical foods markets.


Uncontrolled inflammation plays a key role in many chronic diseases, metabolic related disorders and skin conditions. Our convenient, natural, and safe immune-nutrition solutions help to address inflammation and improve quality of life. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which can cause some negative side effects such as immunosuppression, our solutions work without compromising the body’s normal immune response.

Naturally derived from omega-3s, our SPMs target and help resolve inflammation in chronic health conditions, while our specialized bioactive lipid formulations increase lipid availability in individuals with lipid malabsorption issues or higher EPA and DHA omega 3 requirements. Combined with our scientific know-how and superior analytical tools, we’re the partner of choice for specialized immune nutrition.

Leaders in immune-nutrition
Addresses inflammation, naturally
First to market SPM solutions for resolution of inflammation
Robust clinical data to support safe, effective specialized nutrition solutions
Capabilities to measure SPM bioactivity and SPM concentration in biological samples